Comic 47 - Announcement
Thu, March 31, 2016
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shastab24 edit delete
I was going to create a new image for this, but this will do (the image is from my blog, Trans Supers): I just don't have the interest I thought I'd have for this comic, and while I have ideas for what to do with the character, that will likely be in other areas.

So I'm announcing, on this Transgender Day of Visibility (today), that Supertrans is now open source, and I'll be putting a profile up on Public Domain Superheroes. I will likely also start posting up information about other characters I've been making open source, as well. Also note: only information about Supertrans from this webcomic site is open source (nothing I've done outside this comic counts).

4/5/16 EDIT: I originally asked for the open source paragraph to be used, but I actually think it would be okay to simply give credit to Ave Messer and Karabear Comics as the creator. The open source paragraph can be annoying for the few that have already used the character, as they didn't include it due to her not being open source yet.
User comments:
The Letter M edit delete reply
The Letter M
Ah. So this is why I haven't seen the comic updating.
...(RockB) edit delete reply
Aww, pity that you didn't finish even the story with the airplane.
shastab24 edit delete reply
Yeah. I kinda regret making her open source, if only because she has my name in her civilian identity, but otherwise, I think this is the best option. I'm too boring to myself, so I couldn't be invested enough to continue. Not to say I'll never use her again, but there are no immediate plans. It's possible I could even update this comic with more in the future (with non-open source stories), but for now this is what's here.

I do have Almighty Protectors as my main comic as it is. With that, not only do I find the characters all interesting enough to keep going, but they're a team and thus if one is getting boring, there are others to pick up the slack until I can gather interest in the character again.
...(RockB) edit delete reply
Sounds good enough :) But still, I'd like to see a few more pages to bring this story to a point where you could call it the end of a chapter.

Open source doesn't mean the creator couldn't user anymore, now does it? :P At least you know more about her than anybody else.

I found you because one of your characters was mentioned in "Kaza's mate, Gwenna" and this comic just got my attention & curiosity first. I'll most likely check the others out at some time later :)