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Comic 46 - Page 8: issue 2 - The Exposure
Thu, August 21, 2014 in Issue 2: The Exposure
Page 8: issue 2 - The Exposure
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Author Notes:
shastab24 edit delete
Short issue here, but I wanted to finally get it done, especially today, as it's my birthday today. Good present to myself. There's a large gap of time, almost a year, between my drawing the first five pages and the last three. I think it's evident.

There was originally going to be another plot running through this issue, taking place after Supertrans meets the reporters, but I guess I'll put that in issue 3.
User comments:
The Letter M edit delete reply
The Letter M
There's some little details that get lost in the inking phase isn't there.

I like where this is going. Soon to have superhuman activity. :)

lining up for supervillains and crossovers.